Veg dating websites

He looked like the sickly, malnourished vegan that I constantly have to convince other people doesn’t exist.I could overlook that, I just made a mental note to not break any bones by hugging him.I’ve used various online dating sites on and off for 10 years, and I’m 30 now. Even if they couldn’t ignore the fact that it was written in there, a common response was something to the effect of, “Hey there, just so you know, I do eat meat.” Another common response to my veganism from those who did actually want to get to know me or spend time with me was, “It doesn’t bother me.” It’s one thing to say “I support you even though I don’t share the same view,” but to say you won’t be bothered implies that you might worry you can’t take me anywhere to eat or that I’ll yell at everyone for being murderers when we do go out.

Would I have wanted to see the early-bird-special dinner guy again if he wasn’t vegan?

Nope, so there was no reason to entertain that it might work because of a shared moral code.

My next big venture was to long-distance date a vegan bodybuilder.

You’re so excited, and then you call to find out that they didn’t tell you that the owner is a smoker, or it needs a new transmission, or it has flood damage. ”, or “I could never do that.” I have lived in the Deep South most of my life, so I have even been asked if I eat turkey for Thanksgiving. The only place it would show up was under diet, but the choice was “vegetarian/vegan” and still had to be explained anyway. filtering process, because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time just as much as I don’t want to waste my own.

You find someone who you think is attractive, friendly, funny, and then . I usually now just use my best deadpan and quickly respond, “No, I eat babies.” (Of course that’s extreme, but it’s an excellent filter to see if the guy can handle my humor and sarcasm.) Surely resorting to online dating would take care of all those frustrations, right? I guess most of the men on there didn’t have the attention span to read more than one paragraph, because they always referred to my three to five paragraphs as a “novel.” My bad, I thought you might like to learn a little something about me.

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