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They had all this fucking aggression and tension that the hardest of heavy metal or punk had. And it seemed more interesting, because this music couldn't have been made five years ago, let alone 20.It was based on tools that were now." During his off-hours, Trent's boss lets him record demos that he names Purest Feeling.Trent joins new wave act Option 30 as keyboardist and lead vocalist.

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I was playing live, taking drugs and being a fucking idiot — fooling myself that I was doing something when really I wasn't.

He tells Access magazine that the name "lasted the two-week test, looked great in print, and could be abbreviated easily. It seemed kind of frightening." They tour Europe with Skinny Puppy to poor reviews.

1989 to 1991 Although many labels show interest, Nine Inch Nails sign with Chicago indie label TVT.

Trent and TVT boss Steve Gottlieb persistently butt heads over song mixes.

The album is released on October 20, 1989 and Gottlieb reportedly dismisses it as "a complete abortion." Pretty Hate Machine will go on to become one of the first independent albums to go platinum in the U. and eventually sells more than three million copies. The last few years have been a little darker than the rest.

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