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So will this be the start of a revolution in model railwaying?

Will the idealised world of Betjeman give way to a warts-and-all depiction of modern Britain in all its glory? There’s so much more you could add if you really want to give your layout that extra touch of verisimilitude.

I’d always considered the world of model railways to be the last surviving example of a rose-tinted Britain that no longer exists.

Enthusiasts of this quaint and captivating hobby invariably seem to use 1950 as their cultural template when designing their layouts.

However, after this film she proved herself to be a major actor and has a thriving career to this day.

Her memorable first role has allowed her to play a sex symbol in films like the upcoming Hayek is so beautiful that even with Frida Kahlo’s trademark uni-brow she’s still a sight to be seen.

Far from being ostracised by the normally conservative modelling fraternity for their impudence, Buffers has reported a run at the tills, with no less a personage than James May of Top Gear describing the firm as "my kind of model shop".

The two stunning beauties played nude models of an eccentric painter.

They leave little to the imagination because after all, the artist (Sam Neill) must capture their forms…but so did movie audiences.

That is until you’re suddenly bombarded with the stunning Monk completely nude.

It’s unexpected but definitely adds to the production value of this indie comedy.

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