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James Petter concentrated his efforts, as he would always do, on his ironmongery store in the Borough while Henry Edgar managed the foundry side of the partnership.

In 1870 John gave the ironmongery business to his son, James Bazeley Petter, as a wedding present on the latter's marriage.

In 1882 Petter's Nautilus grate was exhibited at the Manchester Smoke Abatement Exhibition but after Queen Victoria had one of Petter's grates installed at Osborne House and another at Balmoral his grates became nationally famous and demand for them grew substantially.

The Serial Number plate on the back of the above grate.

The foundry would be the mainstay of the Petter enterprise from this point onwards.

James B Petter & Henry Edgar's advertisement in the 1878 edition of Whitby's Yeovil Almanack Advertiser extolling their large and diverse range of products and services.

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