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His home was surrounded by uninviting wooden fences and intense dog barking. I constructed a darkroom in my attic and bought a Smena at the village store [ ]. Every time I move, I get acquainted with the people around me. For example, I've spent four or five years in this village and even though my neighbors come to visit, they have no idea I'm a photographer or an artist. Do you consider it documentary, or is it closer to surrealism? But the bigger part is documentary—perhaps, documentary overlaid with reality.Finally, a small crooked figure emerged from the porch. He greeted me warmly and I entered his hideout: a place of exciting pictures and engaging conversation. LA: How did you first become interested in photography? In just three years, I had become a serious photographer. During the winter, when it's hard to shoot, I try to revisit the old negatives and find something interesting that I've missed. LA: What do the people in your pictures think of your work? In my experience, some of them curse me, others are full of praise. I don't like staging pictures unless it's necessary for my idea.In January last year, Lithuanian builder Rimvydas Liorancas battered a Birmingham couple to death at their home after slipping in to the country unnoticed despite convictions for armed robbery and other offences in his homeland.For such a short seashore (90 kilometers), Lithuania surely has much to offer for vacationers.In most instances, EU rules mean Britain must open its doors to citizens of a fellow EU country, even if they have a criminal record.But offenders who pose a ‘serious risk’ – such as a rapist – can be turned away by border officials.

Last night it remained unclear if the Lithuanians had complied with that undertaking or not.

There was one bright beacon, that Vikšraitis had promised to put out, that made it possible for me to identify his abode. Besides, I was not apt for anything else: my drawing is terrible and I'm not a creative writer. After two years of shooting, I became better than everyone else around me and started publishing my pictures.

After leaving the car behind, I approached the door. The local photographers were impressed by how quickly I had advanced.

He said: ‘I’m not sure how the sentence length of this evil man’s second identical crime can be shorter than his first.

He is obviously pathologically dangerous.’ Dawn Thomas, who runs the Northampton branch of charity Rape Crisis, said: ‘The fact a man who was convicted of rape in his own country was allowed to come over to ours so easily and commit the very same crime is something which is of grave concern to us.’ Mr House said: ‘The woman tried to get away, but he was too strong.

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