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Mi55 Clipper^ Anecdotes, Personalities and Comments, CONCKENINO ST1GE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS an entertainment tt the hospital.

The consequence was that during tbe famous balcony scene the band played "I'd Leave My Happy Home for Tou-oo-oo," In the chorus of whlcb tbe gallery joined wttb whistle and voice. Iibam, who, with a few exception*, will return to New York. Joined ua at Chicago, after an ex- tended stay at Hot Spring..

Tbe leader of tbe local or- chestra, whose purpose was to make bis part of tbe programme a credit to himself, con- cluded that to do ao be ahould use popular music, with whlcb the townspeople were fa- miliar.

Beald&i being a ridiculously crude presenta- tion, the musical setting of the play was most incongruous.

Mont coir try, Ala., with the following roster: Albert Taylor, owner and manager; Oscar V. Lee, treasurer : Jack Voss, stage manager ; Atkins Smith, mu- sical director; Arthur Browning, master of properties; Charley Johnson, electrician; a J. The company received an ova- tion, and the town was In gala attire, tbla being the first company to visit the town In over one year. Henry, who I* In charge of the company, will sail tor Japan the latter part of June, and will bring back a novelty, to be used In Qua Hill's new pro- duction. Our Summer engage- ment of seven weeks, at Jackson, Tenn., was a great success.

I have signed with the Victor Kramer Music Co., of St. has signed for next season Zula Ellsworth, for characters : Ethel Ham-.

Later, during the scene where "Tybalt" stabs "Mercutlo," the act was committed to the lively tune of "Johnny, Get Tour Gun." "Go 'Way Back an' Sit Down" was tbe incidental music that accompanied "Borneo's" killing of "Paris," while « H^^tfuil- cat Trio, the Eaher Sisters, Wolf and Milton, the Wllaon Trio, Irene White, Ines George, Flo Belmont, Lillian Lewie, Lottie Allen, Evelln Stewart, Ed. George WT Bice goes to his Summer home at Centerport, Long Island. Rice haa bought a new naptha launch, which he will nee on hla dahlng tours, and for pleasure In general. Annie Mullln Dunn haa purchased a farm near the Rice & Barton colony on Long Island, where, In the future, she will apend her Summer vacations.

I will control and personally manage the new laham Theatre, to be opened at Bridgeport, next aeaaon, will divide my time between the laham cotuge, at Fairfield Beach, Conn., and superintending the construction of my new theatre. I'EOI'1,1 ., ln«luilln K ^£W tl Il L» \JUl CJCi ACTOR capable of playing; ANYTHING.

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Mason will be as- sociated with me the coming aeaaon. The enow will carry eighteen women, alx comedian*, and will present Ave acts In the olio. Boss Bar- telle will pli/ the title rple of the Beauty, and Edward Marsh will play the part of the president Our refined singing and dancing will be one of the feature* of the produc- tion.

; Chase's, Waahlngton : three week* on the Proctor circuit ; Ft. Lister closed a successful season of thirty-seven weeks with the Carroll Com- edy Co., and Joined us for the remainder of this sesson and next, as advance represen- ,a ^I e chase ft Ll«ter Note*: "A Runaway Match" proved to be such a winner last season that Chase ft Lister have arranged with Mark E. The attraction Is entirely booked for next season, and Manager Fenberg Is now In New York, arranging for plays and paper for the coming season, while 1 am looking after tbe business Interest of the Klark- Urban Co. At Concord, last week, tbe attraction finished a week of most excellent business." — Notes from "A Little Outcast" Co.: Oeo. Gill's company closed Its sesson at Minneapolis, June 4, after a successful tour of forty-four weeka.

Sheri- dan Park, III., and Cleveland's Theatre, Chi- cago. This will take us up to our rohearsjl^lth ths above company, for a season of forty weeks. Swan for a big production of the piece next teaaon. He gives his people only a short rest opening at 8t Louis July 31.

Manageii At.fonso, of the Nashua Nickel- odeon, baa formed a partnership with La- mont, and will run the Chestnut Grove Sum- mer theatre for the Summer season, with high class vaudeville. A complete new equipment will be carried, new music, cos- tumes, etc. A new third act, with great sensational feat- ures.

Manager Alfonso will open up the Nashua house Labor Day. Ricton, juoqlbb, writes: "I am hooked on the Ohio circuit for sixteen weeks. Booxout Informs us that after twelve weeks with the Jack Hoeffler Show, he closed at Antlgo, Wis., and Is to open In Terra Haute, Ind., at Lake View Park, Msy 20, where his vaudeville dates open. Smith, manager), opened at St Louis, at tbe World's Fslr, for sn all Summer en- gagement commencing May 8. playing to the best repertory business of tn* season: Boater: Harry Oskara, manager ; Harry Marlln, stsge manager ; Jf» r 7,„ w ,'J Hams, treasurer; Heed Wilson, Ed. Clint and Besele Bobbins will continue In the leading roles. Is being bnllt^for next season." AIDA VAVGHAN Is a new recruit to the professional ranks, having graduated with honors from a dra- matic school In New York City.

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