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This has been the most enjoyable step for us and it was in no small part to the designer we had working for us, Greg Godsey from Heritage Restorations.Step 8: Home Design Home design can sometimes be handled in-house by the builder’s team. It’s been 6 months since we first put a contract on a 4 acre plot of land in Centreville, Virginia that would be the homesite for our future family farm.

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Yancey County Board of Education Minutes do reflect the following: October 4, 1954 – The Board visited the colored church to see if their basement would be suitable for elementary students in the winter months, and determined that it would be suitable if no rent was to be paid.6 months of interviewing builders, selecting a builder, designing a floorplan, negotiating contracts, finding a lender and and now we can finally say: “This land …In the Army we had a saying, “Hurry up and wait.” Many times you have to do things quickly, only to find yourself waiting around until you get orders to do another thing quickly. If you want to move in to your home by a certain date, … Is it any coincidence that I just happen to be reading through the account of how the Lord brought the Israelites into the land He promised to give to their ancestors in my quiet times right now?My family and I spent a few Saturdays looking at homes and we narrowed it down to three options: 1.Buy a nice, newer home in Willowsford, located in Ashburn. 2013 will be a year we will savor as the last year we lived in Texas.

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