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at one point had a second hotel in Yorkton, the Roya L To augment the railway service, he also ran a livery stable, which started, he claims, with rental of quarters for his own horse, an unsaleable creature, according to Harry’s description, “too fast to be an ordinary driver and too slow' to win a race. The Bronfmans missed out on the boom in Saskatoon when Harry backed o S from a proposal, put forward by Abe, to purchase the Western Hotel.

But in- 1910 the- family purchased the Maxiaggi in Port.

I was I' xi author’s note author’s note also allowed access to some papers collected by Clifford Harvison, the rcmp corporal who arrested the Bronf- man brothers in 1934 on criminal conspiracy charges and later became one of the force’s most enlightened commissioners, . ' , The group profile that emerges of these inheritors of the great Bronfman fortune includes hot-headed dreamers with wounded eyes and hyper egos whose emotional insecurity sometimes blights even the best of their endeavours.

As supporting documentation, I was able to obtain a copy of Harry Bronfman’s unpublished personal ac- count of the family’s earliest days on the Prairies.

I readily admit that the fresco of the dynasty’s guiding spirit, which remains intact in these pages, -is by ho means definitive.

Restless guys in Gucci loafers, they are constantly in search of themselves. The notion of Jewish power has always intigued me, because although collectively the Jews wield tre- mendous influence, individually they often feel them- selves painfully vulnerable, at hazard with the society that surrounds them. women competing fiercely with each other for au- thority and prestige, yet tied together in what may well be the most vital and interesting elite of them all.

I give them.” To the world: “Nobody can be a friend of mine if I can’t call him an S. B.” *** Charles, the current power behind the throne, lives in a -million house. It contains the complete text of the original hard-cover e ditio n* NOT ONB WORD HAS BEEN OMITTED. Most of those enlightened collaborators who befriended me with in- formation about the family did so on the condition of their own anonymity. Above dl I was spired by the cheerful presence of my daughter Ash ey who is kinder, smarter, and fannied than even •thehickiest of fathers has any right to expect. Pre ' da Wn h ° Ur S When most ot these P*8« J™* ™ I “ me its existence to many others not July 1, 1978 • ' P. Harry’s next move was to Yorkton, Saskatchewan where he purchased the Balmoral Hotel, a brick build- ing providing sixty guest rooms, just in time to cash in On a boom.

Edgar, a New York jet-setter, runs the empire from Park Avenue. BRONFMAN DYNASTY THB FOTKSCHILDS OF THE NEW WORLD A Seal Book/ published by arrangement with Mc Clelland and Stewart Limited PRINTING HISTORY Mc Clelland and Stewart edition published October 1978 2nd printing . Only by reading the pages that follow will they realize the magnitude of my debt. This book bears the imprint, as does everythin c r under^v Triend^ 6 !? served St* m y friend and mentor, the late Ralph Allen I Jill ever be indebted to my former wife, Christina for ? banies ber style and character No balance Sn of s C f W °^ 5 ? The Doukhobors, who took up some 400,000 acres in land grants when they arrived at the turn of the century, staged their first nude march— to Yorkton — in 1903, refused to take the Oath of Allegi- ance, and, in 1905, forfeited about 260,000 acres to the government.

Excerpts from Booze by James Gray reprinted by permission of The Macmitlan Company of Canada Limited* All rights reserved. For information address: Mc Clelland and Stewart Limited, 25 Hollinger Road, Toronto Ontario M4B 3G2 ISBN 0-7704-1560-1 Seal Books are published by Mc Clelland and Stewart -Bant con Limited* Its trademark, consisting of the words “Seal Books M ■ and the portrayal of a seal, is the property of Mc Clelland and Stewart-Bantam Limited, 25 Bollinger Road , Toronto , Ontario M4B 3G2. Still, I believe that I have brought together as complete a profile as it will be possible to draw before the last witnesses of Mr. the freedom to write this book, but m neither tone nor content does it bear the sanction of Maclean-Hunter Limited. • -70 71 BRONFMAN DYNASTY HIDDEN ROOTS presented his father with the cash.

This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part, by mimeograph or any other meayis, without permission. I have tried to be fair and accurate, but, as an outsider, X could hardly be expected to view the late Sam Bronfman in the same shadowless light as does his loving and beloved son. I am t0 „ LI ° yd tto^’nson, the publisher of Maclean s t for allowing me. ' °' SCh CCt,m Jn "'"*** ll M*™ 1 * Cfiertkow Fftgj*** Fe Mmw T j ‘’7 (w5 p L 3 G^n .

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