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I highly recommend The System This is how I got my start in this Game In order to keep a quality woman interested over a long period of time you need to internalize the concept of being a challenge Being a challenge is a huge DHV - it sub-communicates all the right things Its the missing ingredient even some of the top PUAs lack when they get into LTRs (i.e.

read The Game) The System will also help you with your inner game and how you value yourself and your time IMO most people dont need another money routine or attraction tech...need to learn how to cut negative people with low interest out of their lives No matter how good you get at PU, eventually you will need to learn The System if you want to keep a quality woman interested I've had the System a few years now.

At the time it was liberating to listen to but if you have any kind of basic, basic inner game at all, it aint worth it.

Seems to me his market is mostly over 40 guys who are set in their ways and for whom the stuff here would just be too much of a cognitive shock for them to absorb. I would say its well worth the money as it teaches the basics of the Game.

My guess is that one needs to paralelly follow the System and take bits of mystery method to make one's game complete.

I also read some other stuff like "Nice guys and players" and they suck.

It has many techniques testing the qualities of your LTR quickly, before you spend any money on her. However, he does have free weekly articles, that are funny and informative on the website.

It also has a few refreshing things that the Mystery Method could use, such as being classy, no profanity, never EVER EVER getting jealous, or protective... Confidence, Challenge, Control (self), and doesn't promise any magic bullet.

The one thing I don't like about the system is he recommends not doing any touching or kino escalating!

It was also my intro to this sort of women skills knowledge.

Years ago, I thought it was great and would highly recommend it, but now I find it really lacking.

Plus, he has excellent information on getting rid of ONE-ITIS.

This was the first dating book that I read, before I found all the great material of you PUAs, and by using it, I did have quite a bit of success (one night, I kiss-closed with 3 HBs, took one home with me for more fun that night, another the next, even though they all lived with their boyfriends.) I am interested in hearing seasoned PUAs opinion on this material, as I'd like to take the best of both, to have the best short and long term game.

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