Desktopdating dating talking points

” My husband succumbed when he was notified that Classmate had 188 registrants from his high school. Then I received an invitation to join in the fun of Desktop Dating. The invitation supposedly came from my brother, Lawrence, a 77-year-old, married, great-grandfather at the time.

The aim is to stretch the service out to areas which have poor connectivity, the hook-up app wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

Firstly, we found that almost 98% of our users were engaged only on the mobile app, even though we had the platform accessible on desktop.

Truly Madly’s principal users are urban Indians in the 18-34 age group, and this is a demographic that is a heavy user of smartphones.

Also, once you have matched with someone interesting, you would want to be able to chat with them on-the-go, which is best possible on a phone that is always with you. The death of desktop dating is hard to predict, but we do believe that it will definitely play a distant second fiddle to mobile dating, and that the adoption of dating apps will continue to grow much faster than that of desktop sites.

What do you think is the best way for mobile dating apps to monetise?

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