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And is it really true love or just the foreign man being a “meal ticket” for many poorer, economically challenged Asian women?Let’s consider some of the issues: Sadly, many an Asian wife is stereotyped together with all of the other women who marry foreigners—whether the woman in question is from The Philippines, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea or Japan or so on.Still, one would expect that this type of marriage is likely to outlast the one mentioned above.Someone once said that “Marriage is a minefield” and this can hold true when there is a partnership between an Asian wife and a foreign man, especially if it is an arrangement not involving true love!There are also many marriages which don’t last more than 2 or 3 years.To be fair, if the couple starts out as looking incompatible it’s reasonable to expect that they won’t last.All these differences make Chinese women very attractive to Westerners.Many Western men are attracted to Chinese women or women with other Asian origins.

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A real housewife, she is an excellent cook, but her strong character makes her the true head of the household!

To be fair, some of these stereotypical traits do ring true but, clearly, given that we are taking about hundreds and thousands of women it’s not possible to say that all apply to every Asian wife, each of whom will have their own character, ways of doing things and, even within Asia, probably come from a different cultural background.

Some foreign men are said to have a fetish for an Asian wife, wanting one without really knowing why.

For example, no matter if the Asian wife is from The Philippines or Indonesia, with good English language skills, or from China or Thailand with strongly ingrained local cultural traits then, if the Asian wife is so much younger or on a totally different educational or social level than it’s not unreasonable to assume that this type of union won’t be forever.

Similarly, some “made-in-heaven” marriages between an Asian wife and a foreigner won’t last if neither party is able to compromise on their careers, domestic responsibilities or more mundane day-to-day matters.

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