Dating postcards postage

The most obvious effect of this new measure is that it allowed an image to take up the entire front side of a card, though some publishers still maintained a small border tab for a few more years.Older cards also continued to be used, often seen with a hand drawn dividing line down their back.As postcard sales shot up into the hundreds of millions, certain trends among their consumers became apparent.Of those that were mailed a good portion were sent from one collector to another, not as correspondence but as an equal exchange.This quickly led to a sharp increase in card sales, even though the new format caused problems with dispatching cards overseas.

Some have speculated that perhaps up to 50 percent of all postcards produced were collected.This date is often referred to as the birth of the modern postcard, for it created the same card format that we use today.On some of the earliest cards of this period the dividing line is left of center often accompanied by printed instructions of what could be written and where.Postcard exchange clubs arose like The Jolly Jokers that had more than 2300 members, The Society for the Promulgation of Post Cards with 5,000 members, and the Post Card Union with and astounding 10,000 members.Those who couldn’t fathom the changing times often referred to these clubs as cults. The new distribution systems made available for postcards played a major role in their growing popularity.

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