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Released on March 24, 1972, based on the novel by Mario Puzo, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather quickly attained the status of instant classic, and if anything, has only risen in the estimation of critics and film fans worldwide.

The success of The Godfather led to the inevitable sequels, both with their own unique followings and reactions, each of which we will with time approach in this review.

Although the film deserves a scene-by-scene breakdown of what makes it so magnificent, time permits only for one example, that being one of the final sequences of the film.

Michael has embraced his new role, and as he "renounces Satan and all his works," we are treated to a bloody montage of hits he's ordered on several characters who have been working against the best interests of the family.

Given the opportunity to travel back in time, specifically to the end of March, 1972, for the sole purpose of going to the movies in a major U. city, your choices of the notable films released that month were interesting and varied.

The original Tales from the Crypt with Peter Cushing, and Frogs, with Ray Milland and Sam Elliott, might satisfy your desire to bring a little Horror into your life.

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Gazzo), a newly-minted "cappo" in the Corleone family who is seeking help in eliminating the Rosato Brothers, associates of Roth's; and Pat Geary (G. Meanwhile, told in flashbacks, Vito's story covers much of his youth and early adult life: beginning with childhood in Sicily, where he witnesses the murder of his family at the hands of Don Francesco (Giuseppe Sillato); his arrival to Ellis Island, New York, as a young boy with smallpox; his dealings with a corrupt, unforgiving neighborhood boss, Don Fanucci (Gaston Moschin); and his rise to prominence in the city as a man known for getting things done.Not only is The Godfather: Part II one of, if not the best sequels ever made, rivaled perhaps only by the first sequel to another groundbreaking 1970s film, Star Wars, it was also the only sequel ever awarded an Academy Award for Best Picture until the award was presented to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in 2003.The film also garnered five more wins, including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Original Score, Best Supporting Actor (De Niro) and Best Director, all deserving wins.Third, it cements the character of Michael Corleone as "Godfather" in the two future installments. He begins the film as a young man, in effect an innocent, who can say to his fiance with a straight face and sincerity, "That's my family, Kay, that's not me," as he recounts the story of his father and "muscle" man Luca Brasi's insistence that either a signature or brain matter will decorate a contract.When circumstances pull him into the family business, Michael evolves into the man he insisted he was not, a man who can lie while looking into his wife's eyes and shed more blood and create more enemies than his more sensible father (made so, possibly, because he lived in more sensible times) ever could have imagined.

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