841 error validating cardaccount number range

REPONSE CODE DEFINITION 6.1 ACTION KEY: Action Description Call Call your Chase Paymentech Customer Service for assistance Cust. 08 Approved authorization, honor with identification Approved None 09 Revocation of Auth Decline Cust. Must be 'D' or 'C' 9753 Invalid Gross / Net for Bin in index.Resend Voice Wait Try to resolve with customer or obtain alternate payment method There is an invalid value being sent. 10 Default Call Decline Voice 11 Approved authorization, VIP Approval Approved None 12 Invalid Transaction Type Decline Cust. 58 Transaction not permitted to terminal Error Call 59 Soft AVS Decline Cust. Must be 'Y' or 'N' 9754 Amount hash error, negative total on line item data index 9755 Amount hash error on line item data index. Invalid Security Data Issuer does not participate or 3-D Secure data not utilized. CAVV Not Validated Authentication Issuer did not return a CAVV results code in the authorization response.

Profile already exists for Cust Ref Num and MID Missing Switch Solo Account Information.These are not valid Invalid Card Number Transaction Amount to Large Transaction Amount to Small Host efalcon check requested from PNS [BIN ] This functionality is not supported on this platform Error communicating with the host Response timed out waiting for Authorization Host Resend Invalid Card Number Invalid AVS ZIP Code Invalid Message Format.These are not valid Invalid Card Number Transaction Amount to Large Transaction Amount to Small Locked Down: Unable to Perform a Partial Void on Industry Type: [RE]. D1 Invalid For Credit Decline D2 Invalid For Debit Decline D3 Rev Exceed Withdrawal Decline Cust. D8 Encrypted Data Bad Decline D9 Altered Data Decline E3 Invalid Prefix Decline E4 Invalid Institution Decline E5 Invalid Cardholder Decline E6 BIN Block Decline E7 Stored Approved None E8 Invalid Transit Routing Number Error E9 Unknown Transit Routing Number Error F1 Missing Name Error F2 Invalid Account Type Error F3 Account Closed Error Cust. I1 Block activation failed Card Range not set up for MOD 10 Error I2 Block activation failed or fulfillment flags were set to Y Error I3 Declined Issuance doesn t meet minimum amount Declined Cust I4 Declined no original auth found Decline Cust I5 Declined outstanding auth, funds on hold Decline Cust I6 Activation amount incorrect Decline I7 Block activation failed- account not correct or block size not correct Decline I8 Mag stripe CVD value failed Decline I9 Max Redemption limit met Decline J1 No Manual Key Decline J2 Not Signed In Decline J3 Excessive Pin Try Decline Cust. L7 Unable to Determine Network Routing Error Call L8 System Error Error Call L9 Database Error Error Call M1 Merchant Override Decline Decline Cust. D6 Changed Field Decline D7 Insufficient Funds Decline Cust. H4 Changed Field Decline N/A H5 Terminal Not Owned Decline N/A H6 Invalid Time Decline H7 Invalid Date Decline H8 Invalid Terminal Number Decline H9 Invalid PIN Decline Cust. K3 Reserved Future Decline N/A K4 Reserved Closing Decline N/A K5 Dormant Decline Cust. K7 Future RD Six Decline N/A K8 Future RD Seven Decline N/A K9 Transaction Code Conflict Decline L1 In Progress Decline Wait L2 Process Unavailable Error Resend L3 Invalid Expiration Error L4 Invalid Effective Error L5 Invalid Issuer Decline L6 Tran not allowed for cardholder Decline Cust.

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